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The Onion Ring Effect⁠

Ask any of our staff, something eerie happens when a guest orders an onion ring tower. ⁠

Once one is out in the dining room, the law of the onion ring effect comes in to play. ⁠

Then, very quickly after the first, several other onion ring towers are ordered.⁠

This happens with other things too. Return of the Mac's have a similar power to convince half of the dining room to order one once one comes out of the kitchen. ⁠

Or, you will go the whole day without selling something... say a backwoods cheese-steak... and then BAM! 5 orders of cheese-steak back to back. ⁠

Is it magic? Is it coincidence? Is it frequency illusion?⁠

Honestly, it doesn't matter. ⁠

Watching ya heads turn when the onion ring tower goes out is always magical. ⁠

A stack of delicous fried onion rings from Backwoods Burger in Tyne Valley PEI.
Onion Ring Tower


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