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Switching up the patties!

The meaty wonder vs the meatless Mac

We are pretty chill about switching the patty out on any burger for a different one.

Every wonder what a meatless wonder tastes like with beef instead of meatless patty?

What a vegetarian Return of the Mac is like?

Or what about a j-cluck? (J-express with chicken burger. I don't think it's been done before but hey it might be good?)

There is so many tasty combinations!!

Other combos:

Return of the cluck - Return of the Mac with chicken burger

Cluckless cluck (vegetarian cluster cluck)

Meatless J (vegetarian j-express)

This gives vegetarian/or those with different nutritional needs more flexiblity with our menu. We have several customers who don't eat beef, but will eat chicken etc. and want to make sure they can enjoy some of our incredible flavor profiles.

Backwoods burger will allow you to substitute a beef or chicken patty for a vegetarian one, or visa versa!
Meaty wonder


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