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In Defence of American Cheese

In defence of 🇺🇸American🇺🇸 Cheese

"I don't like that FAKE cheese"

"AMERICAN CHEESE? No, thank you"

"I don't want an ol' cheese slice on my burger!"

First off, ouch. Consider how your words can make Mr. cheese slice ✨feel✨. He's having a rough time right now and if you don't have anything nice to say maybe don't say anything at all?

Secondly, American cheese or cheese slices aren't that bad. First off, American cheese isn't only made in America or a strictly an American product - American cheese is a style of cheese. It was invented in 1911 in

Switzerland in efforts to create a cheese with a longer shelf life. The cheese we buy for our burgers is made in Canada by a Canadian company. So, hurray!

Thirdly, American cheese gives burgers that classic, comforting, unmistakable burger flavor that we love and crave. Plus, it melts like a dream and doesn't separate when melted (like some natural cheeses).

Backwoods burger cheese-y burger.
Backwoods Burger

Now would I want EVERY burger to have American cheese on it? No, of course not! It wouldn't work in every application or with every flavor combination. But, in terms of a classic cheese burger (like our dam, mini & backwoods burgers) you simply can't beat that ol' cheese slice.

It's like this, I've had amazing grilled cheeses made with 3 different kinds of cheeses, artisanal bread and hand churned butter - and it was amazing. Gorgeous. 👨‍🍳💋🤌

But I've also had a grilled cheese with a kraft single, 2 slices of the co-op's finest white bread and a slather of becel and have been equally satisfied.

Life needs balance, for every bougie meal you have, allow yourself a pot of beans an wieners to keep you grounded.

Backwoods Burger is located at 1327 Port Hill Station Road, Tyne Valley, PEI

You can look at our menu or book a table at our website here:


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