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reservation POLICY

We are so happy that you are interested in reserving at our little quirky restaurant out in the country! Here is a few things you should know before booking.

  • We are small. At max capacity we sit around 40 people. This means we can fill up FAST, especially on the weekends.

  • We do keep a large portion of our tables open for walk-ins so if you were unsuccessful making a reservation, please take a trip out as we will likely have a spot for you. If not, we have a waiting area, feel free to take a seat, play some super Nintendo and grab a drink at the bar while you wait. Our wait is usually less than 20 minutes, but the server can give you a better idea when she greets you at the door.

  • We take bookings by phone only, during business hours. It ensures your reservation is noted in the right place and is not missed.

  • We take special consideration when booking large parties (groups over 10). Please read our info on large party reservations below.

Large Parties

We take special consideration when booking anything above 10 people. Depending on the time of day, large parties can require extra staff, careful planning and execution. During the weekdays, we love to take large party requests but need a few days lead time as we often need to get a few extra staff in to ensure best quality of service. 

During the weekends, we have limited space for large parties. Generally, we can only take large groups early in the evening (between 4 and 5) or later in the evening (after 8). This ensures the best service for all customers involved and a smooth operation for our kitchen staff. Another few things to consider:

  • Parties larger than 10 are subject to an 18% gratuity.

  • Very large parties (parties larger than 15), require a credit card number to reserve.

Cancellation Policy for Very Large Parties

For very large parties we require cancellation notice no later than the day before the party. Any same day cancellations of very large parties are subject to a $15 per person cancellation charge. 

We also reserve the right to charge a no-show charge of $15 per person for party members who do not show up to the reservation.

Private Bookings

If you wish to book out the entire restaurant for a private function, a fee will be calculated based off historical sales for the selected evening. That being said, week nights are a more affordable option for private functions and weekends can be more pricey. Contact us for more detailed pricing!

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