Contact-less Take-out

Due to Covid-19 we are doing our part to get our product to the customer while maintaining social distancing. We are doing zero contact take-out. 


So, how does it work? Follow these simple steps:

1. Take a look at our MENU, here. Decide what you want to order, take note of sides, etc. 

2. Book a time slot, here. Once your booking is done you will reach a confirmation page. There you will find the order forms for each day. Complete the corresponding form for the day you booked for. Failure to complete both actions will result in your time slot being re-released. If you lose your order form, send us a message and we will send you another form.

No appointments available in that link? That means we are booked for pre-orders for this week. Slots for the following week will open up on Wednesday, so check out our page Wednesday morning for updates.

Click here for our date night order forms.

3.If you are paying via e-transfer, we will send you your bill via email the night before (or earlier) with the total. Please send the e-transfer to with the password "burgers". Please send it prior to 10am on the day of the order.  If sending money from a different name than the name on our order form, please let us know!

4.If you are paying debit/credit tap, please have your card ready when you pull up and we will put the machine against the glass of your car window to accept your payment.

5. When you arrive, please call us at 1(902)831-2992 and let us know you are here. Please park as close to the building as possible.

6. There are 2 ways to receive your order. You can POP YOUR TRUNK when you arrive and we will place it in your trunk, or if you prefer, we will place on a red chair outside our door and once we are inside you can go grab your order. Whichever way you choose, let us know on the phone and we ask that you please do not enter the restaurant.


7.That's it! You can enjoy your food at home or in the car! Thank you so much for trying our contact-less service.




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