Fun things to do in West Prince on Islander Day weekend!

Local Events

What's happening around home? I will be updating this as more events are announced. If you have an event to add, please leave it in the comments and I will update our list. Please note not all of these are family friendly!

Friday, February 16th

Netflix Trivia

Kick off the long weekend with a themed trivia all focused around movies & TV from the popular streaming service Netflix. From Stranger Things to House of Cards! Test your knowledge. Prizes TBA.

Location: Backwoods Burger

Time: 8pm

Monday. February 19th

Complimentary Hot Cocoa Bar

Bring your family down for a warm cup of hot cocoa and top it off with an array of toppings. This is a free complimentary event!

Location: Backwoods Burger

Time: 12pm - 4pm

St. Stephen Aces @ Summerside Western Capitals Location: Credit Union Place

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

More ideas for family fun on Islander Day!

Nothing in our event list suits your fancy? Here are some other ideas for Islander Day!

Watch a old school family movie!

Ever notice enjoyable family movies are a thing of the past?! Luckily, we can go back a few years and find some gems! Snuggle up for Mom & Dad's favorite retro family movie! Mrs Doubtfire? Yes please!

Make a snow sculpture

Have a "yes day" with your kids!

For today, kids rule! Candy for breakfast? Ok! Mom has a tea party with a bunch of stuffed animals? You betcha! Watch this mom's experience saying yes to her kids for a week!

Have breakfast for dinner

Nothing like a pancake at 6pm in the evening!

Get together with extended family

A great excuse to get together with our family for some great food & conversation.

Dig out old photos!

Open up your photo drive or a photo album and laugh at how silly you looked 10 years ago.

Draw, color, paint

Use Islander day as an opportunity to be creative as a family.

Bake some cookies

Because cookies.

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