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We've been toying around with this idea for MONTHS. A new shareable platter, like the ultimate dinner for two but for bigger groups. 

A frycuterie board. Yes, you read that right. Like a charcuterie board but... with fries! Want to know more? Keep reading.

This *new* item is great for a family looking for a simple, shareable item that is fun for kids and parents alike. Imagine their faces when this huge platter of all different kinds of fries gets delivered to the table - priceless!

Looking for a fun night out with friends? Order this and each guest can add an entree for a unique, fun and instagram worthy experience. 

It includes our famous onion ring tower, sweet potato fries, KA fries, swirly fries, regular fries and a choice of 3 dips. You get the full Backwoods side experience in one huge platter!

Frycuterie (1).png

Try a bit
of everything


Share in the experience with friends + family

Available 12.17.2021

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